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When a story about Game of Thrones bruises delicate egos

By Jennifer - Posted on 21 June 2016

Recently I was struck with a realization in Season 6 of Game of Thrones that this season is all about the ladies rising to power. All the kingdoms and storylines are leading to women seizing power from men, and it related beautifully to the storyline of the coming winter, threatening the peace of nature, and relating this theme to a mythological storyline of mother.

I mean, is "all men must die" really a throwaway line? I don't believe so.

So I made a short video with clips and described the themes in a voice over for the magazine I work for, to spark some discussion regarding this theme, and what fans thought might come next.

Though I kind of expected it, the comment section went way off the rails with men taking extreme offense that this video was even made. In over 150 mostly unhinged comments by men with bruised egos, this is how they break down by subject:

1. A female video editor made a video that describes a pattern of the female archetype rising to power in a TV show? HOW SEXIST! THIS SHOW IS ONLY FOR AND ABOUT MEN AND ONLY MEN GET TO WRITE ABOUT MEN STUFF.

2. What are these video things? Despite having posted over 200 videos in the past year, Ars Technica should never do this - they never made videos before because videos mean VIDEOS ARE DUMB AND SEXIST.

3. The video editor made all this up despite providing concrete video examples from the actual show. HOW UNETHICAL AND SEXIST.

4. The video editor posted a staff blog opinion commentary about a pattern in a TV show. YOUR OPINION IS WRONG AND SEXIST.

5. Hey did you know porn stars act in the show? Because that fact must be related to this topic somehow because they’re women.

6. But your opinion on a pattern in the story doesn’t correlate with the books even though you explicitly stated in the video that this is about the TV show not the books. And even though the TV show has gone beyond the books at this point your opinion is wrong because I read the books that occurred before this storyline.

7. A few comments that discuss the topic in a fun, logical, clear-headed manner.

Many of these comments are bullying, ignorant, and show that these men are so incredibly threatened that they will lash out against anything written by or about strong women - even in a TV show.

Though the folks at Ars are wonderfully supportive, they understand this ridiculousness all too well - we all have to take constant abuse in stride. It's sad that this is more proof that we have so much further to go as a society to change this perception that women simply don't matter when it comes to positions of power. 

And really, people. We make videos. EVERYONE makes videos. Get over it.