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To the New Year

Some say it was
The Sad Year
The Lost Year
The Bad Year
The Death of Democracy
The End of All Things…
But I thank 2017
for proving
good will still fight evil
and for revealing 
that we expect better of one another.
Here’s to higher standards thumbs


Hill of Souls a LATVSFF Finalist!


Since I live in NYC I wasn't able to attend the Los Angeles Television, Script and Film Festival (into which I entered my short script Hill of Souls this year), so I recently was curious about my entry. The festival was over last week so I checked the website and was delighted to find out that my script had made finalist! A bit odd that a week later I haven't heard anything from the festival, but to see my name and script on the site gave me great joy. 

When a story about Game of Thrones bruises delicate egos

Recently I was struck with a realization in Season 6 of Game of Thrones that this season is all about the ladies rising to power. All the kingdoms and storylines are leading to women seizing power from men, and it related beautifully to the storyline of the coming winter, threatening the peace of nature, and relating this theme to a mythological storyline of mother.

I mean, is "all men must die" really a throwaway line? I don't believe so.

So I made a short video with clips and described the themes in a voice over for the magazine I work for, to spark some discussion regarding this theme, and what fans thought might come next.

The conflict of freedom

There are some days you just don’t want to leave the house. Like yesterday, when I had to get up at 6am, it was dark, cold, raining, I had to take 3 trains to do a 10 minute camera interview of people I did not want to meet. 

At first I thought it was a joke when we were asked to cover a protest by the Westboro Baptist Church near the iconic ‘Seinfeld diner’ in NYC for our online magazine. After all, it was April 1st. But WBC doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor. 

WBC is an organization that preaches hate, ignorance and bigotry. Even though they kicked out that hateful idiot Phelps before he died, they still preach a bunch of nonsense. I really didn’t want to give them a voice on our site, which I respect greatly. 

Where I'm from, he's not.

I live in the county of Queens, NY, a borough of New York City. We have the best of city life: subways, buses, trains, every business and service a person needs within a few blocks. The suburbs are only couple of blocks away, with parks and houses with front yards and backyards and driveways and flowers and trees and porches with swings and rocking chairs.

Short-form video production step-by-step

Madeline Anderson

I work as a short-form, low-budget video producer, and most of my videos are made on my own, start to finish, with no other crew. I've had many reactions from friends to co-workers to nasty people on Youtube about either quality or why it takes so much longer for me to edit a video than to say, write an article.

TV series' to binge on during the holidays

There are plenty of narrative films, documentaries and theatrical (OMG STAR WARZZZ) films to see over the holidays, but make sure not to leave out serials - the art of the binge-watch will be practiced by many. Here are just a few of the best I've seen this year:

Doc Series

A Season with Notre Dame (SHO) - I love the game of football, and this series was immensely enjoyable behind the scenes of this year's amazing Notre Dame football season. The young men featured are the real role models - intelligent, kind, who love their families and believe in their education, as well as their team. Good luck in the Fiesta Bowl!

Tales of a Forgotten “Backer” [Updated]

UPDATE - Sept 28, 2015 - it happened again. I backed a new online TV series and filled out all the appropriate information, name, address, noted my name for the credits, got all the communication (almost too much of it). Then they screwed up a link to their mailing info (related to the perks) so we all had to fill it out again, which I did.

As they edited the show, there were few updates until the day before release. Apparently everyone who donated would get a code to watch the show on a particular day.

Guess who didn't.

No information was sent what to do if this happens, so I perused their Indiegogo Comment section where a guy posted his email address if it happens. Emailed, and the very kind people emailed my code right back. Why wasn't I mailed my code in the first place?

Watched the show. My name is NOT in the thank you credits.

Best Film/TV Musicals

Since I was a little girl, and my Aunt used to take my sister and I to a broadway play every year (42nd Street, On Your Toes w/Tommy Tune & Twiggy, Peter Pan w/Sandy Duncan, Annie w/SJP!), I've loved - LOVE - musicals. I'm not a freak who remembers all the showtunes or has to attend every musical in existence, but damn, I love a good one. The nerdier the better.

Since I've always been fascinated with TV and movies (seen thousands, if you haven't noticed) and musicals, when a really good movie musical comes along, my legs turn to jelly and I fall apart for days. These are my favorites, and I'm hoping for more (I'm writing one that will probably come out some time in the 2050s):

Anticipating new TV (in late 2015 &) 2016!

The "golden age" of TV seems to be continuing into 2016, and the new offerings are sounding pretty good as more are announced. I'm doubtful that all of them can deliver, but I'm sure one or two can capture the gold.

New Shows

Doc Martin Season 7 (ITV/PBS)

It's been a few years since we've hung out in Port Wenn, one of my favorite British shows of all time. It's hard not to feel for the disfunctional doctor and the odd little Cornwall town. Series 7 airs September 7, 2015 on ITV, so I'm assuming the PBS air date will be in 2016.

Minority Report (FOX)